Diving Buddy

Useful pre-dive information for divers of all skill levels

Metric and Imperial Units

Diving Buddy can take Metric and Imperial; metres or feet, litres or cubic feet. Wherever you are in the world, you can use your native unit system.


Calculate everything from your maximum operating depth, to the minimum gas required to ascend to the surface. For a full list of calculators and their functions, go to this page.

Default Values

Some values will rarely change from calculation to calculation. For example, your bodyweight won't fluctuate much. Enter the value and have Diving Buddy enter it automatically in to every calculator.


Diving Buddy has some useful reference materials, such as the Beaufort Scale, and how much weight needs to be added or removed when changing certain cylinders.

Diving Tips

Included within Diving Buddy are tips on dive safety, leading a dive, altitude and flying, diving as a three, and a quick guide to Nitrox.

Clean, Flat User Interface

Diving Buddy is fully compatible with both iOS 6 and 7, and uses a stylish flat design.

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